by practicalspactical

few words – spareness – flarg thatone, odesong to maximums, pushing the limits, white rooms are so nineties trash — braindead slugworth gilded age — assholes in polo shirts with their heads in the sand — trust me with your money, I say, trust me with your life — G O D, we are the ostrichmen, we are the hello men, I would not be such a nothing my head all full of stuffing, stovetop stuffing makes you want to two dinners — just plug me into the matrix man, foodpipe on one end, pooppipe on the other — filth nasty dirty filth, I have to shower twice a day just to avoid it, and also stop eating, I’ve stopped eating, here I am my every second costing my future self thousands of dollars, pieces of eight pirates treasure — go sail the seven seas, to sail beyond the sunset, sing the song of sweet ulysses et cetera cetera cetacean watch, Old White Death Whale, my father tells the tale of floating in the ocean and feeling seeing watching the great dark something swim by below — isn’t that not death – “it took my leg” says Ahab “you’re a whiner,” says Ahab’s wife — stream of conciousness, literary hepzigon, jasper john’s this is not a flag hanging off my wall, next to allmanbrothersdreamsbox — saw old Hawva at an Almond Joy year or so ago — life is a series of french scenes, people walking on and people walking off, and jesus I said it’d take four years, and by golly it took four years, I’m so old and so young and so old and so young, Be a MAn, Be a Soldier, there’s a kid who knows how to take a needle, no no needles, no puncture wounds, ingresses and egresses, in throught the outdoors, Robert Plant goes from joke to god in twenty five years of increasing ignorance, aww hell, who cares if its fake, the kid can sing, sold their souls to fake satans on the side of the road forty years ago, who cares now, big deal then — oh my oh my oh my