snippets of thoughts

by practicalspactical

you taste like home to me
/ signal to noise / noise to signal / hear with your ear the flowing year /
ninety-nine percent perspiration one percent inspiration / we are the sum total of all that didn’t happen / I sit here at this computing piece of plastic, with a rubber band wrapped around my index finger, typing away (my fingers know the letters) any given measured instant — the breaks, I got the breaks, I’m in the breaks — dark matter impervious to sight — third eye sirius — collapsing wave function supercluster —

these are not my thoughts but lyrics to an ultramodern song

and here I sit digesting music and law / what if on the day of wrath I recite the wrong and instead of expounding I start singing / sit, sit in the gates among the elders of the land / bells bells icecream man is coming / summer is here this summer is not last summer / then it was the old world / this is the new world / sitting here in the shadow of Washington’s Spike / everything hangs pendent waiting for the swing of time / capital of the republic waning like the Gracchi / men and women are coming up to replace the ones who came before / we do not look down at the muddy moaning road / murmuring their memories at us / try not to think that death undid so many / Whitman knew and said it / to think that what mattered to him now matters to me / and one day will matter to a stranger unknown and unloved / who is stacy block and how do I know her, my social graph is more popular than I am /

in the beginning was the word, the deed, the thought, the plan, and the word, the deed, the thought, the plan, was with god, and the word, the deed, the thought, the plan, was god and all was well and all was well