Gun control

by practicalspactical

“We don’t need gun control. We need bullet control.” – Chris Rock.

How did this happen? How did a troubled young man, a deeply disturbed loner, kill 32 people in a matter of hours. Why? Suicide, while stupid and futile, at least is fair and just; murder is the absolute negation of justice, the reason for the whole legal edifice in the first place.

How do we stop these things from happening? How we stop these terrible things, and these terrible people? We’ve put a man on the moon, and cured countless plagues … but we cannot cure the endless amorality that exists in the hearts of men.

Women kill too, apparently, though not nearly as often.

Perhaps it is a lack of love, or a lack of discipline. But more likely this immigrant child who went so terribly mad, evilly mad, was the result of long years of isolation and neglect. The modern technologies of the world made this isolation more palatable, made it easier for him to pass his days staring at screens, hearing music without listening to it.

We must relearn how to listen. Our “souls” are virtual, and they decay if they are not used. Life is a constant struggle of putting our souls back together.

In terms of actual prescriptions:

1. Gun Control.

2. Mental Health screenings.

3. Professional and quality medical care for all citizens that includes mental awareness.